Monday, September 28, 2009

The Week Ahead

This week is going to be a fun and exciting one for us. Tomorrow I am heading to Atlanta to visit with a few of my friends. This will actually be my first trip back to Atlanta since our move and I am more than ready to see some of my friends.

Mara Kate also has been missing her friends too and is excited to get to spend the majority of the day hanging out with her beloved friend, Ella Ann. Katie and I are also both pretty excited about the chance to catch up in person too.

I'll also get to spend time in the evening at my friend Christy's house, celebrating her birthday along with some of her other friends and her birthday buddy. I'm glad I get to see several people during the time I am in town.

I'll head back to Rome sometime on Wednesday and finish getting ready for the rest of my week, which will include visits from my sister Tara and her family, as well as my parents. The Branson Clan will be here for one night on Thursday and will head out on Friday morning...then, Mom and Dad will arrive sometime on Saturday. They will be with us for one night, then head on to South Carolina for a conference they are attending and then we'll get to host them again for a few more nights on their way back home.

This part of my family hasn't been to our new home in Rome, so I am glad to have the opportunity to show all of them around Rome a little bit as well as have them in our home here.

Now I need to get back to cleaning...and get myself to the grocery store this afternoon so I can be prepared when everyone arrives.

Mom and Dad: Just so you know and can get your tastebuds set....what's on the menu for the night you are here is Plaza III Steak Soup. Mmmm!!!