Thursday, October 01, 2009

Atlanta Fun

Mara Kate and I are back home after our two day trip to Atlanta. I should call it "Fun-lanta" because that's what it was! We had so much fun spending time with our friends there. Since we hadn't gone back to Atlanta to visit at all since our move, I was very ready to see some of my friends face to face!

Mara Kate also enjoyed playing with some of her friends too. Sadly, I didn't do a great job taking pictures as there were a few friends I saw, that I didn't get pictures with, but I really had a blast seeing several people in two short days. Also, I was sad that I couldn't fit in time to see ALL of my friends this trip---so if you read this blog and you are a friend of mine in Atlanta I do hope to see you next time---and everyone who wants to is also welcome to come visit us in Rome too---any time!

Tuesday morning we drove straight to the Jensen's and the second we walked in the door Mara Kate and Ella Ann disappeared down the hall into Ella Ann's room and we really didn't hear much from them until we called them to the kitchen for lunch. Speaking of lunch, Katie made us each a salad. She has all these different salad creations and this is the third one of hers that I've tried. It is a Mexican type salad, which included re-fried beans and it was so good! I think it's my favorite version so far of "Katie Salads" I've had!


The girls play so well together and it is so fun to watch them just entertain themselves when they have time together.

Sweet Friends

Playing Hard together

Baby Rane, all smiles. I couldn't believe that he is already crawling!
He is growing so fast!

Backyard fun

Dress Up Time

Katie and I....of course Mara Kate took this picture---thus the squatting on our part.

Rane, Ella Ann and Mara Kate

Riding in Style

I accidentally forgot to bring Mara Kate's sunglasses on our trip so when it got "too bright" I handed her my extra pair to wear. It took care of the sun issue and she looked extra cute to boot!
(And Kane, I was not actually driving when I snapped this photo---
I promise I was at a complete stop when I snapped it. Don't worry!)

OK---In between when the photos above and the photos below were taken I actually saw several more friends that I failed to take any pictures with. I was able to attend a pizza party for a friend's birthday Tuesday evening and enjoyed some time with several friends that evening as we were all gathered together in one place. That was really great. I also fit in a trip to Target (we do not have one in Rome---gasp!) and IKEA. Yes! Wednesday I was able to meet another friend for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and then we headed over to see the Lopez' before heading back to Rome.

A relaxing afternoon spent outdoors in perfect weather and wonderful company. So thankful for days like these!
Mara Kate with her friend, Diego hanging out in the sandbox---
Mara Kate really enjoyed playing in the sand.

Me with my friend courtesy of Diego. He did a pretty good job getting us centered and a plus---he was able to actually make me appear TALL! What a feat!

Alexia, Diego's little sis. Full of sweetness.

I am already looking forward to my next trip to the big city---but, until then, I'll be appreciating the times that were shared and the memories that were made made. Thank you God!


Katie said...

Love the pics! You're so funny with my salads! You saw how easy they's nothing special! Well...except for maybe the dash of love I put in it! hahaa! Had to throw some corney in! hehe! We had a blast with you 2! Can't wait until next time!

Dad said...

Glad you had a good trip to Atlanta. Looking forward to seeing you soon!