Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Input Wanted

To My Faithful Readers,

Our church is hosting a chili cook-off this coming weekend and those who are entering have to give their chili recipe a "name". Well, I am one of the contestants and the recipe I use sort of evolved out of a basic recipe my sister and her roommate made up to the one I currently use, but it never really had a name.

So, I thought I'd see if anyone who reads my blog can help me come up with a catchy name for my chili recipe?! So, put your thinking caps on and let me know what you come up with!


Tara said...

I know! "Tara's Sister's Chili"'s kinda like that recipe we saw once called "Bob's Mom's Chicken". I'm just kidding about this name but I'll keep thinking!

Susanna Rose said...

From a Yahoo Answers site:

How about calling it "Sleeping Alone Tonight!;)"
Or, on a more serious note: "Can't Beat This Meat."

Forgive my cheating! Now you must make sure no one steals your great name options!!!:)

Anonymous said...

In Honor of My Favorite Uncle Ross" Chilit

Mom said...

How about Jana's Award Winning Chili! Didn't it win something last year?

Anonymous said...

I just happened to read your blog
this morning...if it's your version
how about 'chilijana'??? Sue Hooker :)