Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Same and Different

When I bought these PJ's I thought they were just the cutest! So cozy and warm for those really chilly winter nights. They were very much on sale at a Children's Place outlet store so I bought the same pair in 2 different sizes. Some to fit Mara Kate that winter and a 2nd pair exactly the same for the next winter. Well, last winter she wore the larger pair, but they were still pretty big on her so I'm excited that we are getting yet another season out of these cute flannel sleepers.

Winter 2006--just learning to walk!

Winter 2008--learning to brush her own teeth!

She just keeps growing and fast! How do you get the time to slow down just a bit?


Heidi said...

very cute!! I cannot believe how much she has changed! She's just a big girl now...but I soooo clearly remember that little barely-walkin' Mara Kate!!