Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Heidi!!!

I just wanted to say...

to my little sister--who I very much look up to!

Heidi, I hope your birthday is special and that you feel very loved!
I'm looking forward to seeing you later this week!

Love you!!!

Heidi with Tara and me during our trip to Kansas City back in April.
I'm SO thankful for BOTH my sisters!!

My gorgeous sister and her sweet little girl, Olivia during a girl's lunch out with mom.

And...I couldn't resist!
Heidi, acting the way I remember her acting while we were growing up---
a big ham in front of the camera.
Here she is after sliding down the big slide at Pump it Up!


Heidi said...

thank you....:) all your words are sooo sweet and 2 of the pictures are too! I'm very thankful for you too! Wish I could see ya today! Love you!

Tara said...

nice post... Alley and I were just laughing at the third pic...Heidi, you landed very gracefully,especially compared to some of us!