Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Evelyn Nadine, 16 months

Yesterday marked 16 months since Evelyn was born! She is officially a toddler and walking all over the place!

It amazes me how well she can communicate even though she can't actually talk or speak words clearly.

Below are the "words" in her 16 month old vocabulary:


Na-Na (I want it! whatever "it" is at the moment!) She says this A  LOT! :)

Dada (she used to say this all the time, it was her first word in fact, but she has started calling Kane and I both mama recently. Although, sometimes she still calls Kane Dada.)

Dye-dye- (Bye-Bye, she usually says this in the mornings before Kane leaves for work---when she thinks it is time for him to leave. She'll go over to the door, point and wave at Kane and say, "dye-dye!") So cute. Kane always feels like she is rushing him out the door. ha!

Baby (she says this whenever she sees a picture of a baby or if she sees herself in the mirror, she'll point and say, "Baby").

BeBe (This sounds very similar to Baby, but she will say it when we point to the picture of Kane's sister's picture on our fridge. When we were in Knoxville recently Elizabeth taught her to say BeBe and when we got home she saw her picture and said it!)

Tuh-Tuh (Tucker, she says this when she sees her friend Tucker's picture.)

Glah (clock, I think she thinks this word is fun to say because she usually laughs whenever she says it.)

Lie (light, this was one of her very first words).

Nack (snack)

Ahh-duh (all done, she raises her arms above her head and says this whenever she is finished eating)

Ahhh! Ahhh! (off, she usually shouts this while pulling at the sleeve of her shirt or pjs. She knows when she wants to get undressed.)

There are so many other words and phrases she understands even though she can't say them. She can follow simple instructions. It is amazing how smart they are at such a young age!

A few phrases she understands:

Go to your chair (runs to her chair)

Do you want to take a bath? (she'll go running to the tub)

Go get your paci (she'll do just that)

Get a diaper (she will pick one out of her basket when it's time for a diaper change)

Where are your shoes? (She'll go find her shoes and bring them to me so I can put them on her feet).

Do you want to go outside or Do you want to go bye-bye? (She runs to the door or runs to get her shoes so she can go outside).

Sometimes she points to the front door or hits it while she says, "na-na" she is saying, "I want to go outside!

Go to Mara Kate's room (she'll go right to her door).

Do you want breakfast/lunch?  She stops whatever she is doing and runs to her chair.

Last night it was bath night and Evelyn was already in the tub, but I hadn't started washing her yet. She picked up the little washcloth I had put in the water and started wiping her stomach....she was trying to wash herself! It was so cute. I love to see her "mimic" actions she has seen us do. She remembers what certain things are for.

If she gets her hands on a hairbrush, she will take it immediately to her hair and try to brush it.

I am sure there are other cute things she is doing right now that I just can't remember, but as you can see, she adds so much spunk, joy and fun to our life!

We are so thankful for you sweet, Evie Nadine! Praising God for 16 months of life and look forward to many, many more!! 


Grandpa said...

She's obviously a very smart girl!!

papadog said...

What a sweetie,...and what fun you are having ! I can't wait to see her later this month. (AND the rest of your wonderful family)

Mimi said...

I love hearing all of this! I KNOW I have heard her say, "Mimi" too!