Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mom & Me Painting Class

There is this really cool gal here in Rome has her own art/painting business. She holds classes all over North Georgia. She hosts private parties for children, adults---really anything you want to do, if it involves painting on a canvas, she's probably open to it!

Well, for several months I've been wanting to sign up for her "Mom and Me Painting Class". We finally found a date that would work and we were excited about the picture she would be painting so Mara Kate and I signed up to go.

In the meantime we have also decided that this is what we wanted to do for Mara Kate's 6th b-day party and after our painting experience with Crissy, I'm even more excited now. Here are some pictures of our morning together. It turned out that we were the only participants signed up for this particular class, so we sort of got to have a private lesson, which was really fun!

As part of the "package" the painter gets their own free drink from the coffee shop the classes are held in. Mara Kate chose a cherry frappe. :)

Getting started on our pumpkins. Mara Kate was really excited to be painting with a "real artist" since she wants to be an artist herself when she grows up.

We were both really happy with how our picture turned out.

In action!

Almost finished.

Already has a prominent place on our wall...if you look closely you can see our initials in the bottom right hand corner.

This was definitely a great way for me to get some one on one time with Mara Kate. She had a blast and came came home with a really nice piece of art too. We hope to do it again sometime and Mara Kate can't wait to paint along with a few of her friends to celebrate her 6th b-day too!