Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Update Through Pictures

Here are a few pictures from my last camera upload---just putting them on the blog to serve as an update of what we've been up to lately...

Evie with her cousin Lily during our last trip to Birmingham. Even though they are cousins they don't resemble one another in the slightest. ha! I pray these two will be best friends since they are only 4 months apart in age.

Hanging out in our awesome front yard a few weeks ago. Took a blanket, toys and books and just had a blast. Check out the amazing shade trees in our yard behind the girls.

All set for a walk in the neighborhood. She loves to honk her little horn on her car whenever we are strolling.

Recent Day trip to Atlanta. Mara Kate and I headed out early this past Saturday morning to spend the day in Atlanta....seeing friends, shopping and eating!

We spent the morning with my friend Katie and her daughter Ella Ann. The girls hadn't seen one another in too long, but they picked up right where they left off and played for almost 3 solid hours!

Next stop was Trader Joe's. Mara Kate had fun pushing around one of the child-sized carts! The small pumpkin in her cart was a treat I bought her for being so good all day while we ran lots of errands.

After Trader Joe's we met a friend at Pappasitos for a late lunch. I love this place and cannot go to Atlanta and not eat there. They brought MK a ball of tortilla dough to play with at the table...she made a person and the waiter even complimented her on her creativity!

The temps are dropping and we are ready for Fall! Love the crispness in the air. Evelyn got to try out some fleece pjs that belonged to Mara Kate. She loved them!

Almost time for bed!

Had to take a picture of her in this outfit. It was one I got at a consignment sale and it was one of my favorite finds for her. Leggings that match the onesie, a corduroy skirt.

...and we put a little purple butterfly clip in her hair to coordinate! She's growing fast! Also, if you look closely you can see 2 little scabs on her face...one on her nose and one on her forehead. She got these from taking a tumble the other day in our carport---poor girl!


Heather said...

I love Pappasito's! It has been forever since I've been there - at least eight years.