Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last year while Mara Kate was taking ballet a friend from church told her that he was playing soccer and that she could come watch him sometime. She said she wanted to do that, so they picked her up and she sat on the sidelines with his mom and little sister while he was on the field. At the end of practice the coach (who happened to be her friend's dad) invited her onto the field to "run" with the other team members. After she went to watch she was determined that she would play this year. So, when it was time to register for ballet again I asked her to think really hard about what she wanted to do because she couldn't change her mind later. She never wavered. Soccer was it! Her other friend from church and ballet also decided to play soccer and I know part of what swayed Mara Kate is that she wanted to be with her friends. So, yesterday was the first practice. We had bought the shin guards and socks and cleats for her to wear---she was all set! Practice wasn't until 5:30pm, but she wanted to put her cleats on right after lunch, she was so excited! :) I have to say I was a bit surprised at how well she did and how much fun she had! She looked like a natural out there and loved kicking, running, sweating, etc. It was great to see her getting exercise all while having fun with her friends.
Decked out in her soccer gear (several hours before practice time)
showing off her hot pink "swoosh" on her cleats!


 Thank you Mara Kate for stopping long enough 
to pose for a picture for your dear old mom. :)

 Kane came straight from work to watch her first practice.

 Younger siblings played with toys on a blanket during practice.

 Water break!

With her friend Mary Kate---they were in the same ballet class last year 
and are now on the same soccer team this year! What fun!


papadog said...

Way to go Mara Kate ! I would love to come watch you play a game sometime. Does your team have a name yet ?
Keep having fun !! I love you.