Thursday, September 01, 2011

Evie's Activities

So while we are busy doing school or just living life, Evelyn is right there in the mix of everything. She is taking more steps daily, but still prefers her power crawl over walking because at this point it's still faster.

Here are a few photos I've taken of Evelyn over the past few weeks...she's at that know, the age where she is getting into EVERYTHING!

She loves this screen door. She can stand there and just see out the window. She loves being able to see what's going on outside. Here she is watching Daddy change the oil.

Supper---not sure but you might be able to see her one tiny tooth in this pic, if you double click to zoom in. She loves meal times and even though she is becoming pickier about what she'll eat, she is still a better eater than her big sister has ever dreamed of being. :)

Does this picture even need a caption? 1) I'm not used to having a climber. MK never ever even tried to climb onto the dishwasher like this. 2) This isn't the only place I've found her on top of something...she has climbed multiple times onto child-sized chairs and stood completely up and yesterday she tried to climb the step ladder that Kane had out, but thankfully her little leg wasn't quite long enough to hoist herself up onto the first step....but, she sure gave it everything she had trying! 3) Love the way she has her's like, "What, Mom? Isn't this where I'm supposed to be sitting?! Love it!

Bringing the laundry down the hall to take it to the laundry room and Evelyn bummed a ride. She also rode it back to my closet once it was empty. I have to be careful not to wash shoes as one of her favorite activities is to crawl into my closet and take my shoes and throw them into the laundry basket one at a time!  

 She is a NUT and we are loving having her in our family, but as Kane and I have both said more than once, "We are in deep trouble!"


Megan said...

Jana, I *love* the picture of Evie in the washing machine. Her expression is so cute!

papadog said...

You are right, ARE in trouble ! We had a child who was also sorta 'fearless'. Adventure is a good thing ! (except for the occasional runs to the ER)
P.S. We also had a "NUT". He now lives with 3 girls in Georgia !

Katie said...

Too cute, Jana! I love all the pictures! Having a climber is physically're on suicide watch all waking hours! ha!