Friday, September 23, 2011

Girls in Overalls

Below are some pictures of Mara Kate at 15 months of age and below her are some pictures of Evelyn now, also at 15 months of age. They are both wearing the same cute overalls, so I thought it would be fun to post some contrasting pictures of the girls in the same outfit at the same age. The pictures of Mara Kate were taken in mid-March and the ones of Evelyn, mid-September (now).

It is so fun for me to look back at pictures of Mara Kate at the age Evelyn is now and of course it always surprises me how quickly we've gone from this young pudgy toddler to almost 6 years old! Time is flying!

Mara Kate

Mara Kate, 15 months  

Happy Evelyn---the first thing she did was pick up a stick!

Such a big girl!
Sitting Pretty
Mara Kate now, just 2 months away from turning 6 and Evelyn at 15 months. They sure love each other.


PapaDog said...

Wow ! They are BOTH Big girls !
It is really neat to see pics of them at the same age. Thanks for putting this together.
I miss you bunches !!