Thursday, September 01, 2011

School Days

Here are some pictures of Mara Kate during "school". We have been having so much fun together learning lots of things in very fun ways. I am so happy with the curriculum we chose for this year and if anyone is interested in it, I'd be happy to share more with you about it.  

Our school year is off to a great start and we even went to a school showing of Charlotte's Web yesterday put on by Rome Little Theater. Kane was able to come home long enough to watch Evie so Mara Kate and I could go on that little field trip together. It was a special morning together.

Learning about blubber on whales, dolphins, etc. We slathered Crisco on one hand and compared which hand stayed warmer in the cold just like blubber is an insulator to keep those animals warm, Crisco did the same thing on her right hand.

Art project---making a shield and "etching" symbols on it to remind us that God is our rock & our shield.

Math time-- learning addition sentences by adding up the pieces of fruit on each tree. And yes, she got to eat the fruit pieces once we were finished. Math is her favorite subject right now and maybe it has a little to do with getting fruit snacks before 10 am! :) 

Science- learning about animals that live in other climates. Making her own model giraffe out of play dough.

 This wasn't during school, but MK was "playing school" and she was writing addition sentences like she had been learning about in math.

More math---this time making addition sentences with "fireflies" on the pond or on the fence.