Thursday, January 06, 2011

A post---finally!

It's been over a month since I last posted, which means my baby is no longer 6 months old, but now a whopping 7 months! Time is just flying by over here! The busyness of the holiday season made the past month pass in a flash.

I wish I had the time to post about all the individual things we've been doing, but it seems in this season I will just have to settle for "catch up" posts---at least for now!

We spent the month of December enjoying Kane's time off from work and we did several fun holiday activities like decorating cookies with Kane's family as well as constructing and decorating our own gingerbread house----both are annual traditions and both lots of fun!

Last Christmas was our first since we have been married that we spent Christmas morning here at home. Mara Kate was 4 and we decided it was time to start our own family traditions with her for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We did the same this year and we love that special time to spend together as a family. Since we were planning to travel for the holidays we decided to simplify and go out to supper on Christmas Eve, rather than cook a big meal that would create leftovers we wouldn't be home to eat. It turned out to be really nice going out and we all got dressed up. It was so festive and we got some cute pictures as well that evening. After supper the girls got to open two gifts---new pjs and an ornament. Kane read the Christmas story and we put the girls in bed. Christmas morning was so fun with 2 girls! MK really enjoyed all of her presents and gifts and it was so fun having a new baby in the mix that morning....Evelyn's first Christmas and I think she had fun too.

After we were finished with all our Christmas morning activities we finished packing and headed out for our long trek to see both sides of our families. Our first stop was in Knoxville where we visited Kane's family and had a great time. It snowed and Mara Kate was thrilled that she got to go sledding.

After a few days we packed it up again and headed west to my parents house in Kansas City. It's a very long drive, so after 13 hours in the car we were very happy to arrive! We were in town for a week and enjoyed visiting with lots of different family members. Mom and Dad hosted a New Year's Eve party and we ate snacks and played gamed until time to ring in the new year. My aunts and uncles came and it was great to have an evening to visit with them. Mara Kate always enjoys time with her Kansas City cousins and we barely heard a word from her as she was too busy playing! Evelyn got lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles from everyone on her first visit to Kansas City!

We finally made it home yesterday afternoon after a one night stop over in Nashville to sleep (and to pick up Mara Kate's frog who was being babysat by her Aunt Bebe & Uncle Choonghwan). Thank you Choi's for giving us a place to crash on our way home!

Now the holidays are behind us and I'm feeling ready for a fresh start to a new year. I'm ready to get back into our normal groove, normal school routine with Mara Kate and just life in general. There's just something about a new year and a new calendar with little marked in it! A clean slate---I love that!

Maybe I'll post again in less than a hang in there readers! I want to post more about Evelyn and all she is doing these days (like eating solids, sitting up, trying to get up on her knees and hands---so crawling may be just around the corner). But, for now, there is a recap of our last month or so. And for those who like pictures I'm going to post links to several different photo albums to recap our December in picture form:

Pre-Christmas Holiday Festivities can be found here.

Pictures of our Christmas Eve & Christmas morning at home can be found here.

Pictures of our post Christmas travels here