Saturday, December 04, 2010

6 months...

1/2 a year...

How is it possible that it has already been that long since Evelyn was born? It's sort of hard to believe that Evelyn joined our family 6 months ago today. The first 9 days were quite a whirlwind. Full of lots of scary moments as well as much rejoicing as we watched our tiny girl recover from such a rough start. Since Thanksgiving was just a few weeks ago, it was a good time to stop and revisit all we were thankful for surrounding the first week of Evelyn's life.
As is our normal tradition, we all made our "Thanksgiving lists" of all the things we've been thankful for over the past year. A lot of lines on mine were taken up remembering all the details of the situation God brought us through during the first week of Evelyn's life. From the safe transport in the neo-natal ICU ambulance from Rome to Atlanta, to the Nitric Oxide that finally helped open her lungs, to the free meals at the Children's Hospital for nursing mothers and of course for ALL of the prayers that were prayed by many on her and our behalf while she was in such critical condition (and those are just a few of the items that were on my list). Every detail worked out and God was with us and sustained us each step of the way. 

Every month that she is home, healthy, growing and changing the vivid memories of that week fade just a little more. Sometimes in the middle of the night when I'm laying awake nursing Evelyn in the dark, quiet hours I seem to be even more aware of the gift that she is. I often find myself pressing my lips to the top of her sweet little head, closing my eyes and breathing a silent prayer of thanksgiving to God that she is here and that she is well It's in those moments that it's a bit easier to be thankful even for sleep deprivation because it means I have a growing girl that needs to eat in my arms. What a blessing she is every single day!

Here are a few pictures of our girl from the first 6 months of her life...

Happy 6 months, Evelyn Nadine!
We love you so much!

 At birth.

 Clean girl after bath....1 month old

 In her baptism gown...2 months old.

 Learning to sit in the Bumbo seat...2.5 months.

 3 months old.

 4 months old at the Pumpkin Patch.

4 months old.

Tummy time...building those strong neck muscles...4.5 months old.

Happy girl...5 Months.

Evie's First Thanksgiving...5.5 months old.
Her shirt says, Thankful for Mommy. :)

Evelyn's first Christmas season....only in Georgia could you be sitting
looking at the Christmas tree in only a diaper and socks. Almost 6 months old.

Learning to sit up and finally getting a bit of hair...6 months old


Katie said...

Happy Half Birthday Evelyn! What a blessing you are to everyone! Can't wait to see you all around Christmas!!!

Christy said...

Happy 6 months Evie!!! You are such a beautiful little girl!

Tara said...

Happy Half Birthday, Sweet Evelyn! Can't wait to see you all after Christmas!