Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tuie's visit

Our week began differently than usual----and it was a welcomed change from our normal Monday routine.

Sunday evening Kane's mom arrived for a little visit. A few weeks ago Kane's Dad came down, but his mom was not able to come then, due to other things on her schedule---so she made the trip down on her own as soon as she could!

That evening the weather was wonderful, so we decided to sit out on the back patio and visit and eat. I made homemade salsa and guacamole and on Sunday evenings we normally don't eat a big meal, so this snack with chips was just the perfect thing.

Monday we had a relaxing morning at home and even though Kane had to go into work as usual the girls and I enjoyed a slower paced morning with Tuie here. She read books and played games with Mara Kate, had some snuggle time with Evelyn and she brainstormed with me about Mara Kate's upcoming birthday party & theme (Fancy Nancy!). She also helped Mara Kate draw and design the perfect "Fancy Nancy" birthday cake! If it turns out half as good as the design it'll still be perfect for a fancy 5 year old birthday party!

Tuie told me that she would watch the girls some that day if I wanted to work or run errands, so it was extra nice having an extra pair of helping hands and the gift of running errands kid-free. Definitely a treat!

I was able to go several places and browse---mostly gathering ideas and getting started buying a few supplies for the birthday party while Mara Kate wasn't with me.

After a couple errands I met the girls and Tuie downtown at Harvest Moon Cafe for lunch, which was really fun. Evelyn got lots of attention---especially from one mom who brought her 2 year old over to "see the baby" at least 5+ times. Tuie & I both agreed that the mom clearly had baby fever as she seemed the most interested in Evelyn while the little girl barely paid her any attention. ha!

After lunch I attempted to feed Evelyn in the car (although she doesn't like to nurse in weird places and didn't cooperate at all) and handed her back to Tuie so she could take the girls out to Berry College's mountain campus and enjoy the pretty weather while I ran a couple more errands. We eventually met back at home and had a low key afternoon together.

That evening she babysat once again so Kane and I could go out on a real date! We went to eat supper and then went out for coffee. It was so nice not having to lug a carseat, deal with a possible fussy baby or deal with kids meals and making sure everyone ate their supper the way they should. Uninterrupted. Conversation.--that's all I've got to say! An extra bonus was that both girls were bathed and clean when we got home. So nice!

Tuie headed home Tuesday mid-morning after another morning of visiting and play time. The girls had a blast with their Tuie here and didn't want to see her go!

Thanks Tuie for coming and for helping out so much. Even just a little more than 24 hours of help makes such a difference in my week! :)

The only picture I managed to take during her visit. I tried to take one at lunch, but could not find my camera in the abyss that my diaper bag has become.

Tuie also brought me some bittersweet branches and I made the above arrangement with them. I made a couple other smaller arrangements as well.
I think these branches just scream Fall to me. I love having them help bring the feel of Fall inside the walls of our home.

Tuie, how do you think the arrangement turned out?!


tuie said...

Glorious! Hope you enjoyed the process as much as the result.