Monday, September 27, 2010


Just for fun I've posted 2 pictures below for comparison.

The first picture is of Mara Kate at 6 months of age. And, because Evelyn is growing at a faster rate than Mara Kate did, the second picture is of Evie wearing the same dress at almost 4 months of age.

I just thought it would be fun to post comparing pictures, since the girls were both wearing the same dress and being held by Daddy in the same way!

Some people really think the girls look alike, but I definitely see differences. It'll be interesting to see Evelyn in 2 more months when she is the same age as Mara Kate was in the top picture---as I know by then she'll have much more facial expression!

Kane & Mara Kate at the beach in Garden City...Summer 2006

Kane & Evelyn at home...Summer (well, almost Fall) 2010


Susanna Rose said...

They are both beautiful babies, that's for sure!:) I remember how petite Mara Kate was as a baby. Amelia is just now needing size 2 diapers at 5 months!;) I am saving money with this one!