Monday, October 25, 2010

My Well Baby

Sweet Evelyn on the day of her check up

I'm so thankful for my "well baby". She got a perfect report at her 4 month well baby visit this afternoon. She also got a few shots and she cried, poor thing. But, she's such a trooper as her tears stopped pretty soon after I picked her up off the table.

So for the grandparents (and anyone else who cares to know), Evelyn's 4 month stats are:

Weight: 13 lbs., 5 oz. (20th percentile)
Height: 25.5 inches (69th percentile)
Head Cercumference: 39.2 cm (1st percentile)

So I guess she's on the taller end of things, the smaller end of things as far as her weight goes (but still a chunk compared to her big sister who wasn't even on the percentile chart at 4 months of age) and has a teensy tiny head?!! ha!

As far as developmentally, she is right on target doing all that she is supposed to be doing. We are so thankful for her health and her good report!  Thank you God for our sweet Evie blessing!



Katie said...

Yeay! What a perfect report for a perfect little girl!!! Praise to God for giving her good health after all she went through! Love the pics cute! It is so fun to watch siblings play together, it melted my heart today!