Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Stuff and a Countdown

Blog stuff:
So, I changed the design of the blog recently. Even though I haven't been posting as much I felt like it needed a bit of a face lift. I love the colors in the template I chose. Sort of Fall-ish, but not just leaves, acorns and pumpkins.

I also decided that I needed to change my header photo as it was of us with only Mara Kate without Evelyn....yeah, it was a bit outdated. However, can you believe we have yet to get a good family photo of all 4 of us? I'm hoping to get one to use for a Christmas card and maybe it will double as a new blog header picture as well.

In the mean time, I've added my current favorite picture of the girls. :) But, I'm having difficulty figuring out how to change the size, font and color of the blog title at the top. Any other bloggers out there know how to adjust this? (edit: finally figured this out!)

Also, after seeing it on Nicole's blog, I've added the Feedjit feature to the right side of the blog (near the bottom) which now tells me where (not who you are, just where you are logging in from---the location, i.e. city, state, country) people are visiting the blog has been so interesting to see even over the past 2 days who has been to the blog. So, if you want to tell me who you are, feel free to comment!

On another note:
Kane and I are doing a countdown. We have 31 days to go. It's a count down until Thanksgiving break---which begins November 22. This semester has required many long hours from him, which means the tasks at home require many long solo hours for me. Three days a week he works "late" which means we normally don't see him before 7pm and 1 day a week he works "even later" meaning he's not home until closer to 8pm. Friday is supposed to be his early day, but I've learned not to hold my breathe. It seems something always comes up to delay his home coming.

The bottom line is this: By the end of the week we are both exhausted & have very little energy left for one another or anything else. He works and I take care of the kids and do as many other things I can manage. We try to recharge over the weekend as best as we can and then do it all again the following week. But, on November 22 the grind of this semester will end, his hours will be less and we hope it will relieve some of the overall stress we are both feeling right now. And so we count.


Jordana said...

I usually read your blog in Google Reader - but wanted to see your new design. I love the colors!
So, apparently, Bristol is too small to even count on the list - I guess I'll have to be from Johnson City! ;)

Hang in there! You can do this! You are an awesome woman, mom and wife! :)

Katie said...

I love all your fall pictures, especially the new blog header! So cute!!!! I love the monogrammed pumpkin! Awesome idea that I WILL steal! :) Miss you so much!


Janelle said...

Love the background/pic of the girls! Tell me, how do you mess with the header for font/size etc? I've been curious for a while.

Lindsay said...

Hello, thought I would check in, I am a Christian vet student, and stumbled onto your blog through reading one of my friend's blogs. Through the stress of school, I enjoy reading about a life different my current busy one. Anyway, I enjoy your blog, your creative creations are inspiring, your family is adorable, and thank you for the encouragement you offer.
God bless,


Nathan and Nicole said...

Howdy! The Feedjit says "London," but I'm actually four hours away by train. :) Can I add you to my blog roll?