Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Mara Kate was playing on the guest bed and had quite a little set up with lots of pillows and stuffed animals and blankets, her imagination in full force. She was "playing house" and she was getting ready to put all her animals to bed.

I propped Evelyn up on the bed in her boppy and she was so happy and content to just watch Mara Kate play and talk. I know they can't really play together yet, but Mara Kate was so sweet to let Evelyn watch and she talked to her just like she was part of that little world. So sweet. I love seeing my girls interact and love each other. Mara Kate can make Evelyn laugh harder and faster than anyone. I know she already has a special love for her. 

Sisters. Siblings.Sweetness...Something I prayed for for a long time while waiting on God to give our family a second baby. Thank you God for giving each of my girls the other one as a sister and a playmate!

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