Sunday, August 01, 2010

The "Cousin Picture"

Yesterday we made a quick day trip over to Birmingham to celebrate my niece, Olivia's 3rd birthday and my nephew Liam's 9th birthday. We were only all together for a few hours, but it was a fun day for sure.

One of the other things we did while we were at my sister's house was take the most recent "cousin picture". This picture is always something we take whenever all the cousins are together, especially if a new baby has been born since the last picture was taken. Well, since Evelyn is only 8 weeks old this was the first time all the cousins had been together since she was born.

So, below you will see the MOST up to date Burton Cousin pic, but I've also included the last few, so you can see the progression of growth over the past 4 years! ha!

Christmas, 2005---Mara Kate was 1 month old.
Alley, Liam, Dresden, Grant & Mara Kate.
We refer to Grant, Dresden and Mara Kate as the "2005 babies"
as they all three were born in 2005.

...then little miss Olivia was added in 2007.

...then sweet Megan was added in 2008.

...then cute Lily was added at the very beginning of this year---January 2010.

...and now our Evie was born mid-year 2010---June 4th.
What a couch full of blessings---and look at all those cute little toes--90 in all!! :)


Tara said...

wow! they really have changed! Thanks for posting all these in one place...I think we are outgrowing the couch!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for posting all those pics! Our 9 sweet, wonderful, precious, amazing, beautiful, stupendous, loving and adorable grandchildren. Bucket and buckets of blessings from God! It is so humbling to be blessed in this way!

Mom said...

Anonymous is MOM! MIMI! DEE DOO! :)