Friday, July 23, 2010

Many Faces

Here are some recent shots I've taken of Evelyn. Forgive the amount I've posted, but I know family who don't get to see her often will appreciate them ALL! :) Plus, in the early days they can change so much in the course of just a week, that I want to try and capture her in each stage of change! :)

Serious about bath time! She has never cried in the bath, so maybe she likes the water?!

Slightly happy after bath time.

Love her beautiful, intensely focused eyes. :)

Action shot---slightly blurry, but trying to catch a bit of that half-grin.

Big yawn.


...and now a slight smile for her mommy. :)

Aww--yes! I caught one on camera! Isn't that little smile the most precious thing ever?!