Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Visitors

Last week my dear friend Katie drove up to visit us in Rome. It had been awhile since she had been here, but we picked up right where we left off the last time we saw one another and made the most of our time together. Katie actually met Evelyn (very briefly) while she was in the NICU in Atlanta, but it wasn't under the best circumstances, so she was looking forward to seeing her again and actually getting to hold and cuddle her this time.

Mara Kate was SO anxious to have them here. She was excited about showing off her baby sister, but I think she was actually more excited about having Ella Ann here to play for several hours. When Ella Ann walked in the house, the girls gave one another a big hug and off they went to play! They always play SO WELL together and literally NEVER fight---I know Mara Kate is really blessed to have such a sweet, close-knit friend at such a young age. :)

I really enjoyed just hanging with Katie and catching up on life. Katie's little boy Rane was here too and just kind of explored on his own. The girls would NOT let him in to play, but he was a good sport and just kind of hung out. He really is a tender, sweet boy and gave me several hugs and smiles while they were here. He was also really sweet to Evelyn and was very curious about her and liked patting her tummy when she was in her bouncy seat. So sweet.

The girls---Ella Ann LOVES babies and was so excited to hold Mara Kate's little sister!

Silly, silly. Always how they act when they are together--it never fails!


Katie said...

Too sweet! I love the first picture....the girls look so old! :) We sure had a blast and miss you girls tons!