Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Sweet Visitors :)

Earlier this week we had some more visitors come to see us and to meet Evelyn. My sweet, sweet friend Christy came up from Atlanta and brought her 4 month old Jack with her. She brought stuff for lunch, dessert and even left a meal for us to eat whenever we needed something. So sweet and thoughtful you always are, Christy!

We had a wonderful visit with one another and it was great to really catch up in person. I got so excited about what we have to look forward to with Evelyn in the next few months by looking at Jack and all his cooing and smiling. He is SUCH a cutie and the facial expressions he has makes him look like a little man, rather than a baby!

Mara Kate enjoyed Jack a lot too! She loved playing with a baby who really interacts well and Jack smiled and "talked" to Mara Kate constantly. So fun to see our kids playing together.

Of course, our visit wasn't nearly long enough---but much needed! Thanks so much for making the drive Christy!!

Christy & Me with Jack & Evelyn.
They are both swaddled in Miracle blankets as it was nap time for both of them! :)

All 3 kiddos!


Dad said...

Two kids in straight jackets. ;0)

Christy said...

Yes, that's exactly what we call them: straight jackets!! Jana, we had so much fun and I can't wait to see you again! Little Evie is adorable and I'm so happy I got to meet her when she was still so tiny. Tell MK that Jack misses her :)