Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Funny

Here's a conversation that happened last night at supper between Mara Kate and Kane. They were discussing what to do after supper was over.

Mara Kate: "What are we going to do after supper? Can we play Wii?"

Kane: "I'm not sure if we'll have time to play Wii tonight. Maybe we could read some of your new library books you checked out yesterday."

Mara Kate: "Well, Daddy, whatever YOU want to do is fine with me."

Kane: "OK, well, I think we should read some of your books together."

................long pause..........(knowing she was really wanting to play the Wii)

Mara Kate: "Well, I actually meant ME---whatever I want to do is fine."

Ha! Isn't this how we all are sometimes? Saying we don't care, but deep down really having a strong opinion! :) I need to write this one down in her baby book!

They ended up having time to do a little of both, so it worked out in the end! :)


Aunt Jane said...

sounds like she is learning to think like a will serve her well when she is dating and married!!! That is so cute, thank you for sharing...