Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 35th, Mom and Dad!

Yesterday was my parents 35th wedding anniversary. I just want them to know how happy I am to see them celebrate 35 years together. What a testimony and example to all of us who haven't been married as long!


Although I wasn't there, both of my sisters went to great lengths to plan a special anniversary supper for Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad went to an early movie and came home to a candle-lit living room with a table for two set up. It was covered in white table cloths, flowers and there was soft music playing. My brother in law, Jeph (who is a great cook) grilled steaks and made twice-baked potatoes. Tara and Heidi made rolls, bacon wrapped green beans, a couple of special appetizers and dessert. The grand kids helped serve and presented anniversary cards. I'm so glad my sisters were able to make it a really special evening for mom and dad!

May 11, 1975

almost 35 years later in Summer 2009

Mom and Dad, I hope you had a wonderful day and I wish I could have been there to help with your anniversary dinner too! We love you!!


Dad said...

Thanks, Jana. We did have a really fun dinner celebration. I told Mom the only thing that could make it any better was if your family had been there as well. Love you!

Lorie said...

What Dad said! It was great but we wish you could have also been there!