Friday, May 14, 2010

Fountain Fun

In downtown Rome just one block off the main street they have these really neat fountains that kids (or grownups) can play in! We met some friends down there yesterday afternoon and the kids had an absolute blast playing and running in the fountains!! Even though it is technically still supposed to be Spring, it doesn't feel like it, so we are already doing Summer activities!! Yay for fun, free, cool activities to do in ROME! :)

The large fountain---Mara Kate played around the perimeter of this one while several other kids would run straight through the middle. My cautious child enjoyed the "spray" she got from just running around the edges.

Having fun and getting wet!

We got this cute swimsuit for Mara Kate last Summer and I just loved it, but it was too big and I couldn't find it in a smaller size, so I just tucked it away to save for this Summer. It finally fits and I think it is adorable!


Katie said...

So cute! I remember her wearing that hat when we took the girls to the fountains in Centennial!!!!

Heidi said...

so fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a great time! Maybe when we are there in June we can take her back to the fountains.

Dad said...

My entry posted before I could type in my name. Sorry.