Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kane!

Today is my sweet, thoughtful, hard working and loving husband's birthday!! We are so thankful for him and all that he brings to our family. Kane, I hope you feel loved and celebrated today!

We had a lovely weekend and a nice visit from Kane's parents. They came over the weekend so we actually celebrated Kane's birthday on Saturday while they were here. Kane's mom made one of his favorite cakes and also brought birthday decorations and let Mara Kate help her decorate for the "party"! His mom also brought some steaks and other favorite foods and cooked/grilled for us that evening. It was nice to have a yummy meal at home that I didn't really have to worry about making. :)

On Saturday morning we went to a hardware store/plant nursery to get a few plants for my container gardens as I hadn't done anything with them since before winter. They needed to be refreshed and Mara Kate and Kane's mom actually did all the planting for me. The containers just hadn't been something I'd worried about yet as I have had other things on my mind (a new baby and all that goes with that!). So, I'm thankful to have some new pretty flowers that I didn't have to dig/plant myself. Thanks Tuie for all your help!!

My container on our front porch. I just love the bright pink geraniums.

Saturday afternoon Tuie & Mara Kate went for a walk/ride in our neighborhood. Mara Kate thought she was big stuff riding her tricycle somewhere other than the carport/driveway. Although riding on the actual rode made her a little nervous at first. :) Always my cautious girl!

Kane's mom brought a kit to make some cute puppets and the three of them put on a "birthday puppet show" for Kane and me. It was so cute and Mara Kate did really well speaking for her puppets. She spoke loud and clear!

Aren't these the cutest paper bag puppets? They were part of a Martha Stewart kit Kane's mom picked up for really cheap at Big Lots. Mara Kate has had a blast playing with them!

Kane and his Dad hanging out on the back porch before supper.

The special Barker birthday bear. Kane's mom brought it and put it at his place at the table. A tradition from his childhood. :)

Table set and ready!

Present time!

Sweet card from Mara Kate. She was so proud of it because she picked it out herself "because the little bear on the front was wearing a bow and sometimes she wears a bow too!" and she wrote everything inside and out all by herself! She even got to lick the envelope!

Kane's parents framed his PhD diploma as part of his gift, so now he has it to hang on the wall in his office---FINALLY!

YAY---so official!

And a pair of new boots...a definite need for him right now! He also got a subscription to a chemical education magazine from Mara Kate and I that he had been wanting, to that will be a gift that keeps on giving in the coming year.

Cake time!

Kane's mom used trick candles so it took forever for him to get them completely blown out. It took Mara Kate a minute to realize that they kept relighting, but she got a huge kick out of it once she saw the humor of it! ha!

The birthday boy!

Yummy cake---Andes mints mixed in. It was very moist and tasty! Kane even packed a piece to take with him to work today. :)


Kane's mom hung a strand of birthday cake lights on the front door as part of the party decor---so of course we had to get a picture of him standing in front of the lights. :)


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Happy birthday Kane!