Monday, April 26, 2010

Aunts are Awesome

Aunts are awesome in general, but my Aunt Jane has a really nice embroidery machine and she used it to make some really cute and fun things for Evelyn!

Remember these burp cloths? I ended up mailing 4 of them to her to embellish a little bit. I think they turned out super cute! I had also asked her to make some matching Big Sister/Little Sister shirts for Mara Kate and Evelyn. She sent the finished products to Birmingham with my mom this past weekend and I was able to pick them up while I was there. I am so excited to have everything back in my hands and can't wait to see Evelyn wear and use these special items.

Embroidered burp cloths
(I think my favorite it the lime green monogram, just because
it's the first time I've seen all her initials monogrammed together)

Evelyn (E) Onesie and Evelyn travel wipe holder

Can't wait to have a sweet photo shoot with both my girls in these cute, girly shirts

My Aunt Jane also makes amazing smocked dresses (she is who taught me how to smock) and I didn't know she was making one for Evelyn, but when I opened the package this was also tucked inside! Isn't it gorgeous?

I just adore the dainty, feminine pearl beads on the front.

She also threw in one more Big Sister shirt for Mara Kate. I know Mara Kate is going to be such a proud Big Sister, I know we'll get lots of use out of this one too!

Thanks for everything you did, Aunt Jane! You are the BEST!


Katie said...

So so so cute Jana! I love all of it!

Susanna Rose said...

Wow! What a great aunt indeed!!!