Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Final Chapter

Yesterday when I got home from running errands there was a package on my door step for Kane. Inside was 2 hardback, bound copies of his dissertation. It is literally in book form now!

This is sort of the final chapter for the grad school journey. Even though he has officially had his Ph.D for almost 9 months (wow--hard to believe how time has flown since then!) and it's been 5 months since he walked in his regalia at the Georgia Tech graduation ceremony, it's still cool to see the end result of his 5 years of hard work in a book form! When he defended his dissertation it was printed and stuck in 3 ring binders for all his committee members, but somehow this just seems way cooler than that!

Kane had fun flipping through the book last night and said it brought back lots of memories. Sort of interesting when his life/job has been one of teaching for the past two semesters to think back to the way things were as a student. I'm so thankful for the change of routine for him and that the student days are behind us, but it is fun to look back and remember those days sometimes---those days that at times felt like they would literally never end!

The second copy we'll repack and ship to Atlanta to his adviser, Dr. Bottomley for him to keep in his office (it's just what you do) and I'm guessing the copy we keep will be stored in Kane's office.

Once again, my heart fills with great pride as I think about the huge, huge accomplishment this was for him and it makes me so thankful that he finished the course well!

Way to go, Babe!!

The book!

Seeing his name on the binding just makes me smile! :)

I also like the acknowledgment page as Mara Kate and I are both mentioned and thanked for our love and support. Sweet!