Friday, April 16, 2010

Feeling Loved

Tomorrow a couple of my dear, dear friends in Atlanta, along with my sister, Heidi from Birmingham are joining together to throw me (and Evelyn) a baby shower. I just feel so loved and blessed by these friends for taking the time and putting forth the effort to put together what I am sure will be a lovely shower. It will be so much fun to celebrate with others the coming arrival of our second baby girl.

Mara Kate is excited that she has been invited to be at the shower too! She's been looking forward to it for weeks and keeps telling me,"Mommy, I've never been to a baby shower before! This will be my very first time!". She's also excited about the fact that since the shower will be held at the Jensen's house that means she'll get to play with her friend Ella Ann at the same time!

The beautiful invitation, which I'll be sure to save in Evelyn's baby book!