Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Shower

Saturday morning my friend Katie, my friend Christy and my sister Heidi gave Evelyn and I a baby shower. It was held at my friend Katie's house and it was just lovely!

Katie made sure there was lots of PINK around as one thing we did differently with this pregnancy was find out ahead of time the gender of the baby. The baby showers I had when pregnant with Mara Kate were all very gender nuetral because we waited until she was born to find out what she was, but this time around we did it a bit differently and it was fun to have so much pink at my shower! :)

Katie and I. She wasn't the only host, but the shower was held at her house.
Thanks Katie for making it a special morning for me!

Here's the lovely table of yummy food!

If you look closely you'll see a little tray of bean burritos from Taco Bell. These were set out as sort of a joke as they have been my main and intense craving this pregnancy and I literally would eat one a day most of my first trimester. They really helped calm down the nausea and so I simply had to have one each and every morning! There were a few weeks where I would go through the drive-thru and buy 4 or 5 at a time and just stick them in my fridge and I would heat them up each morning whenever I was feeling sick to my stomach. It really helped! So, Katie thought it would be funny to serve them at my shower! ha! Maybe it was funny, but they were all eaten, so others must have thought it was a good idea too!

Some beautiful hydrangeas which Katie sent home with me.
Can't wait to get them planted! The blooms are huge!

The little girls enjoying their food at their own small table.

There were also three little babies present at my shower, which was fun. They just all squirmed around on this blanket together at one point. They are all just 2 weeks apart from one another. Lily at 11 weeks, Alexis at 8 weeks and Jack at 6 weeks. :)

Mara Kate got to open a few "big sister" presents too.
She was very excited about having presents!

Lovely friends, gathered to celebrate Evelyn's coming arrival.

Mara Kate was very interested in seeing what each gift was.

Me and my biggest girl!

Heidi drove in from Birmingham that morning to help host the shower, leaving her house at 6:30am! What a great and loving sister I have!

My friend Ruth and I sporting our baby bumps. Ruth is due just 4 days after me!

I'm sad to say that I didn't get a picture with my friend Christy---the other hostess! She was on her way to the airport to catch a flight and had to leave quickly to be sure and not miss her flight!

After the shower we stayed awhile at Katie's to visit a bit and also give the girls a little more time to play. They love playing inside the trampoline in the backyard...even while wearing pretty dresses!

Then, Mara Kate and I had to run a couple errands and my friend Bobbi Jo (who wasn't able to make it to the shower) met up with us and went with us to run around. It was fun to chat and visit with her for awhile too.

Bobbi Jo and Mara Kate took a little break at Target for a visit and a snack while I finished my shopping. :) Bobbi Jo bought Mara Kate a cookie and a red slushy drink and Mara Kate thought it was a great treat!

After our time with Bobbi Jo, I met back up with Heidi who had spent her afternoon at IKEA and we ate supper together before she went back to Birmingham and I headed back to Rome. It was a GREAT day overall!

Mara Kate with her youngest cousin, Lily! Lily is at a really fun age as she is just starting to really make good eye contact and smile. So sweet!

Such a sweet and happy girl!


Christy said...

Jana, these are such great photos! too cute!I might have to steal some of them!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a very full and fun day!

Dad said...

Looks like you had a very full and fun day!