Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost Ready

If you know me at all then you know that I literally live my life by lists. I make lists for almost everything I do. I feel organized when I do this, I don't forget things (most of the time) and I tend to be very productive when I can check things off of a physical list as I get them done.

So, at the beginning of my pregnancy when ideas started popping into my head and I started thinking about all that needed to be ready by the time this baby arrived I promptly sat down and made a list. In time the list grew as I thought of more things that needed to be done, but at this point I feel like I've thought through everything and I feel like we are almost ready for Evelyn to arrive! What a wonderful feeling

Below is the list I made several months ago and I'm pleased to say that almost everything is DONE.

Before Baby Arrives--To Do's and Purchases

-car seat (check---we received this at our shower, which was awesome!)

-Joovy Caboose double stroller
(check- my sister found a barely used one at a consignment store in Birmingham so we got a great deal on this purchase, praise the Lord!)

-register for baby shower (check)

-buy fabric and make nursing cover (check)

-sew ribbon on burp cloths (check)

-buy diaper bag on eBay (check)

-have diaper bag embroidered (check)

-clean out/organize closet in guest room (check)

-dresser for baby's closet (check--Evelyn actually got the dresser that was in Mara Kate's room as it fit better in the more narrow closet in our guest room. We bought Mara Kate a new white dresser to match her white furniture from IKEA---we love IKEA!)

-buy or make bed skirt for guest bed, in order to hide everything I moved from the closet to underneath the bed (check--thanks to my mother in law for sewing the skirt panels for me when I was feeling quite overwhelmed by this project)

-pre-register at the hospital (check)

-tour labor and delivery floor at hospital (check)

-hang letters on wall of baby's name (check--thanks to my dear husband for installing the cabinet knobs I found at Lowe's to make this project turn out just the way I was imagining. He's wonderful like that!)

-buy baby book (check---it has been ordered online and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival)

-order interchangeable headbands for baby, these hold bows and if you know me at all you know how I am about bows on my girls! (check--got a great deal on eBay)

-diapers, wipes, desitin, gas drops, lotion, shampoo (check-- of course these items will be purchased again and again in time, but we at least have some to get us started)

-make room sign/hang sign on door (check)

-buy "coming home" outfit (NOT DONE--I'm still shopping for the perfect thing)

So, I'll continue shopping for the perfect outfit for Evelyn to wear home from the hospital. For some reason this is important to me. Also, my in-laws are coming to visit next weekend and there are a few more baby items they will bring to us that are currently stored in their basement. So, after their visit I will be able to set up the baby cradle in our room, which is where Evelyn will be in her first weeks. They are also bringing the baby swing and the rest of the components to our pack n play so we can take advantage of the bassinet setting.

Evelyn's things are in our guest room/office for now. I think it will actually be nice to have a bed in the room where the baby's things are. We didn't use a full sized crib with Mara Kate, due to lack of space and we decided we didn't need one for this baby either. I'll set the pack in play up in a corner of the guest room and that will be her bed. I have a little table in the corner of the room with some "baby items" on it and the closet directly to the right of this table is where all the other baby stuff is. I brought Mara Kate home to a one bedroom apartment and she lived with us there until she was 18 months old, so I feel confident that Evelyn will do just fine using two corners of our guest room, rather than having an entire nursery to herself. I'm guessing she won't even know the difference. :)

Evelyn's corner

I had forgotten just how tiny newborn diapers are.

Little basket of baby goodies.
I found these precious little booties for $1 at a consignment store here in Rome

Closet--full of teeny, tiny, frilly, girl-y clothes. :)
(and my sewing machine)

bows, shoes, socks, bloomers, hats
(I absolutely LOVE the drawer organizers from IKEA)

pj's and gowns

onesies, pacifiers, grooming kit, etc.

burp cloths and various extra supplies

New pink and brown car seat, with infant head support.
(We bought a second hand travel system that we used with Mara Kate and decided not to keep it after she outgrew it. So, it'll be fun to have a brand new car seat for baby #2!)

Dear Evelyn, your mommy is also a second born and I totally understand that you need a few things of your own that were NOT handed down to you from your older sister! :)

So we've got a little under 7 weeks to go!!!


Susan said...

Wow, look at all those pacifiers. I wonder how many this baby will need in her bed?!

Jana said...

Mom, hopefully NONE! These were all from Mara Kate's paci days and there are several different sizes in that little box too! It is crazy how many we had for her. I'm hoping Evelyn will be a great sleeper who doesn't need anything to soothe her. We shall SEE!