Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The winter has been SOOO long this year, but yesterday the temperature was up and the sun was out, so we headed straight outside to enjoy the beautiful day!

In the afternoon Mara Kate and I went out to the driveway with her chalk and I drew some hopscotch squares for her to play in. She did pretty well hopping through to the end. Then she drew some of her own squares, her name and some other things as well. It was so nice just sitting out there enjoying the warmth and sun after so many months of wearing heavy coats and bundling up.

Here she is drawing a picture of our family

Family complete---she even included the baby. Kane is on the left, then MK, then the baby, then me. I love the fact that the baby and I are the exact same size! :)

Then, after Kane got home from work we grilled hamburgers and decided to just eat outside because it was so nice. This was actually the first time we've been able to use our patio table for a meal as we got it when we moved in in late July and it was already too hot to be out, then it got too cold. So, we were excited to have the right weather to enjoy it.

Mara Kate loved running, running, running while Kane was out there grilling.

All the fixings to go with our burgers

This meal just tastes better when eaten outdoors!

Two of my very favorite people!


Dad said...

Looks delicious! Maybe if it's not too hot we can have it with you when Evelyn is born. Love you!