Thursday, March 25, 2010

Firsts: A Sleepover

When we were in Atlanta yesterday we brought Mara Kate's dear friend Ella Ann home with us. We made plans for the girls to have their first official sleepover! They were excited and so were Katie and I to see how they would do spending the night with one another. When Ella Ann's little brother was born she did stay with us then, but it was more out of neccesity than by choice, so this time was special because we planned for it just for their sakes and to give them some good time to play together. They used to see one another at least a couple times a week (including church) and since our moved they have missed one another so much.

So, we got home yesterday afternoon and the girls hit it hard playing! They were in dress up clothes within 5 minutes of getting out of the car. They also rode Mara Kate's tricyle, went for a walk (with me) & wrote on the sidewalk with chalk all before supper. After supper they played Wii with Kane and he also read them some books together before bedtime.

Bedtime was the only part I was worried about as I wasn't sure how things would go with Ella Ann being 70 miles away from her home and parents. She was very brave and after some chit-chatting for awhile the girls were both asleep by 9pm.

Disclaimer: Please excuse the massive amount of pictures I took while these two were together. There is just something special about a girl's first real sleepover, so I felt the need to document it well. For my sake and for Katie's. ha!

All dressed up as a "bride & bridesmaid" within minutes of getting back to our house.

Enjoying the nice afternoon together outside


Reading books with Daddy/Mr. Kane before bedtime

All snuggled ready to go to sleep (or talk!)

The night actually went really well. Ella Ann only called for me once, but when I went to check on her she didn't want me anymore, so she sent me right back to bed. ha! The girls woke up at 7:30 this morning (glad it wasn't earlier---wasn't sure what time these excited girls would rise) and called for me until I opened the door. I woke up to yells for "Mommy, Miss Jana, Mommy, Miss Jana, Mommy, etc.". They were wide awake and happy from the instant they woke up---all ready for breakfast and more play time!

@ 7:31am!

Eating "purple" oatmeal for breakfast.
It's fun what food coloring can do to make breakfast more fun and memorable. :)

After playing together all morning and eating lunch, we headed out for a "surprise activity" before time to meet Katie in Cartersville to return Ella Ann to her mommy. Telling the girls they had a surprise was great motivation to help them get the toys cleaned up quickly (I'm genius like that). I took the girls to the mall here in Rome to ride the carousel there. That was a HUGE hit with both girls and I think the highlight of their time together.

Before the ride!

Ella Ann chose the dragon horse...

...and Mara Kate chose the zebra.

They were so excited when the ride was over that they ran to one another and just hugged so tight! It was so sweet to watch them!

After the carousel ride we took a quick picture in front of the fountain and I gave each girl a penny to throw in. We also spotted the Easter Bunny and went to say hello. He gave each girl some paper bunny ears and a sucker which really impressed them!

Sweet friends, both sporting polka dots
(yes, this was planned this morning when they got dressed!---
such girls!)

Love this picture for some reason---think it shows just the joy they had today playing together. They were so happy to be together and sad to say goodbye!

Katie told me this evening that Ella Ann was sad on the way home because she was missing Mara Kate and wanted to come live at our house forever. ha!----so glad to know she really enjoyed her stay! Also, as I was putting Mara Kate to bed tonight she said, "I just wish I could see Ella Ann some more. I want her to spend the night again really soon!" So sweet to see your children love and be loved by her friends. Katie is planning to have Mara Kate come to stay at their house soon and I know just as much fun will be had then as we had the past 24 hours!


Katie said...

I am teared up just looking at the pictures. They are just incredibly sweet together...they ARE sisters in our eyes! Thank you so much for posting so many...I know that took a while so I appreciate it! Thanks for taking such good care of EA...obviously she wants to be your adoptive child! She told me last night that she promised she would come and visit me once a month if she lived with MK! :)

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, their little matching polka dot outfits with the boots are just too cute!