Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun with Friends

Earlier this week Mara Kate and I made an overnight trip to Atlanta. I had really been wanting to get my hands on my friend Christy's new baby, Jack and we also made plans to see the Lopez family (since Andria and I had been wanting to catch up for awhile. We are both pregnant and due just days from one another, so we thought it would be fun to talk about our coming babies and just hang out too). Also, Katie and I had been talking for awhile about getting the girls together for their first official sleep over so since I was going to be in Atlanta we made plans to just bring Ella Ann home with us. So, even though I didn't get to see everyone this visit, we did get some good quality time with a couple people and had fun bringing a friend home with us to play with Mara Kate and spend the night.

We arrived at the Lopez's house Tuesday afternoon and the kids had fun playing outside for awhile before supper time.

Mara Kate and Diego playing with an outdoor rocket toy. Very fun!

Alexia just enjoying being outside with everyone---what a happy girl she is!

More rocket fun!

Once Ricardo got home from work we all loaded up in their van and headed over to Home Depot. The Lopez's are planning to plant a few new trees in their yard soon and wanted to get an idea of what was available. The kids enjoyed looking at all the trees and herbs too and just running around together while we were there.

After our stop at Home Depot we headed out for a fun and yummy supper at La Fonda Latina. Their chicken tacos, beans and rice were I want to go back again soon!

Andria & me

And us again with our babies! We are due just 3 days apart!
It'll be fun to see which baby makes it's appearance first when the time comes!

Mara Kate and Diego hanging out in the back seat of the van, just having fun!

Mara Kate & Alexia sitting together at breakfast the next morning. Enjoying the beautiful morning and the pretty back yard.

"Hi girls!"

After our time with the Lopez's we went to see Christy, Andre and baby Jack. It was great to see Christy and catch up a bit, hold baby Jack and also let Mara Kate get in a little snuggle time too.

Mara Kate & baby Jack.
Still seems hard to believe that in less than 3 months we'll have a tiny baby like this around our house again.

Then, it was time to go over to the Jensen's. Katie had planned to surprise Ella Ann about us being in town for a visit and also the plan of her coming home with us to spend the night. Mara Kate and I went with Katie to pick Ella Ann up from preschool. It was fun surprising her and she was very excited to see us and to find out that we had invited her to come home with us for lots of good play time with Mara Kate.

Sweet friends excited to be together!

The sleepover went well and we'll meet up with Katie this afternoon to return Ella Ann, but until then the girls are having a blast playing, playing, playing.

I'll be posting about the sleepover soon, so stay tuned for pictures and details. :)