Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twenty Down, Twenty To Go

Well, I'm halfway through this pregnancy---2o weeks today. I do think the time has gone by faster so far than the time did while I was pregnant with Mara Kate. I think one of the main reasons is that I have a 4 year old to take care of day in and day out and that distracts my thoughts a lot. Also, I think having the holiday season thrown in there helped time pass without me stopping to think too much about it.

I am feeling a lot better than I did early on. I have more energy now (except for the need for an occasional nap) and most foods sound good again. I've also been cooking regularly, which I know everyone in this house is thankful for. I know the 2nd trimester is when you usually feel your best, so I've warned Kane that things could go downhill again in a few weeks. We are just enjoying everything seeming mostly normal around here while it lasts.

I am officially feeling kicks and movement from this little one. I think it started several weeks ago, but this week there have been lots and lots of little kicks. I LOVE it when you can start feeling the baby move is very reassuring to me. I look forward to when the kicks are strong enough for Kane and Mara Kate to feel them from the outside too. I think that will be SO neat for Mara Kate when that happens.


On another note---sorry the blog has been pretty silent as of late. There hasn't been a lot going on around here.

This past week I spent time going through all of Mara Kate's old baby clothes deciding which items I'm ready to part with. Even if we have another girl (we don't know the gender yet), there are certain things that are the exact opposite season from what Mara Kate wore. So, fleece things that will fit this baby when it's 12 months old won't work as that will be happening next June when it is HOT outside! So, I began the process of washing, hanging on hangers and tagging the items I'm really finished with and will be selling them at a consignment sale here in Rome in the coming month. It was a big undertaking and literally took me ALL WEEK to get the items ready to be sold, but it's done now and organized, so I feel good to have that behind me.

Also, my sister Heidi is very pregnant with her 3rd baby and could go into labor anytime. Since she lives in Birmingham my plan is to jump in the car and get to the hospital asap as soon as I get the call that the baby is on the way. Right now she has an induction planned for next Friday, but we all know she may not make it to that date. So, we are just waiting at this point. And, I'm getting really excited about meeting my newest niece soon!!

Also, I'll try to post a baby bump pic again soon and will try to do that every 5 weeks or so if I can get it together, so be watching for a 20 week shot in the near future.