Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Trip and Visitors

On Saturday we spent the day in Atlanta. In the morning I helped host a baby shower for my friend Christy and it was really fun! It was great being there for the shower and it was also fun seeing a lot of Atlanta people that I hadn't seen in awhile.

The guest of honor (Christy--in center) with the hostesses

After the shower we went to the Jensen's to hang out for the afternoon. We hadn't seen them since November, so we were very overdue for a visit. Mara Kate and Ella Ann played so well together that we barely even knew they were there and little Rane sort of attached himself to Kane, which was sweet to watch. Kane ended up playing Wii while Katie and I chatted, which worked out just fine.

Ella Ann & Mara Kate---the only picture I was able to take of them as they were TOO busy playing the rest of the time

In the evening we dressed up and headed out to attend a wedding and reception of some friends from our previous home group. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was a lot of fun too. Mara Kate especially enjoyed the dance floor!

Slow dancing with Daddy--so sweet.

She also found a dance partner that was more her size.

Anna--the beautiful bride

The bride with her groom

Beautiful cake...
...and a close up shot of the detailing.

We had brought Mara Kate's pj's and after we left the wedding we changed her in the car. She was wiped out from all the dancing she had done, plus it was past her normal bedtime, so she fell asleep literally one minute after we started driving and slept all the way home. We easily transferred her to her bed and she slept soundly the rest of the night. On Sunday afternoon Kane's parents arrived for a quick overnight visit. We had a fast visit, but it was really fun. Mara Kate went with Kane's dad to tour Shorter College, Kane's office and lab so that was fun for them. While they were gone Kane's mom and I ran several errands and she helped me pick out some fabric I'll be using to make a valance for my kitchen window, so it was great to get that fabric bought. I actually ended up sending it home with her as she is going to sew the valance for me---which was a nice treat. I am looking forward to getting a pretty window treatment on that window soon. She also helped me alter a pair of my maternity pants to help them fit better, so we did several little things that just needed to be taken care of. Before they headed home last night we met Kane after work for Mexican at the place in Rome we've found we like the best, so that was fun too.

For some reason I literally took one picture while they were here...

It's of Mara Kate with her Tuie.

They were out in my flower bed digging up weeds. Kane's mom was teaching Mara Kate how to dig with her new gardening tools Santa brought her.


Susanna Rose said...

Great to see so many familiar Christ Church faces and can't believe how tiny Christy's baby bump is still!:)

Anyways, blessings to you guys! I hope you will let all your blog readers know when you find out the sex of baby #2!:)