Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet, Thoughtful Man

I am married to a sweet, thoughtful man. On occasion Kane and I do date nights "in" rather than out. Our usual drill is for me to put Mara Kate to bed while Kane runs out and picks up a cheap $5 Hot n Ready pizza from Little Ceasar's and then we sit on the couch while we eat and watch a movie together. It's a fun thing to do on occasion and it's especially easy on the budget.

The other night he left to get the pizza and came back saying they were running a special---"flowers when you ordered pizza"-- Yeah, right. :) He had made an extra stop while out to pick up these pretty tulips for me. I've really enjoyed them the past few days---thanks for thinking of me, Babe!


Katie said...

Awww how nice! Love the cheap date!

Dad (Jana's Dad) said...

You're a good man, Kane!

Susanna Rose said...

You guys are so romantic...I love it! Makes me realize Rick and I can have more dates than we think possible by just staying in and doing it that way instead of not having a date night if we can't find a babysitter! It can be just as fun staying at home, and cheaper too!:)