Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Home Improvement

I love being crafty and learning how to do new things that help my home look more beautiful---all for very little cost to boot.

Thanks to my mother in law who happened to have the fabric I used on hand as well as the supplies needed to finish this project. We were able to recover the chairs that go around our table this week and I think they look much, much better. I'm also thankful for her showing me step by step how to do everything so I could tackle this project with confidence.

Thanks also to Kane who operated the staple gun!





Kane said...

I love that we have GA Tech colors in our kitchen.

Katie said...

Wow the seats look you got a new table! I am highly impressed with your skills! You must teach me sometime! Was it hard? Looks like ya'll had a very fun day downtown! Love the pic of MK! ha!

Betsy said...

I like the chairs!

Aunt Jane said...

Wow...I am impressed! Looks great!