Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pregnancy/Baby Update

I am currently 14 weeks along. That means that my first trimester is behind us and we are officially into the 2nd. I think I should put one of those cute little tickers on the side of the blog that counts the weeks/days just for fun.

I am still feeling queasy a lot of the time (usually in the mornings before I eat a lunch). But, usually once I eat lunch (and it always includes some sort of protein--that really seems to help settle my stomach) then I feel much better. Mid-afternoon I usually feel pretty tired, but I think that might be letting up a tiny bit. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks I'll slowly get back to feeling more "normal". I think I remember feeling good again around 16 weeks when I was pregnant with Mara Kate.

We've had several doctors appointments and the pictures below are from one this week. We were excited to see that the baby actually LOOKS like a baby now, rather than just a little bean. :)

According to the weekly pregnancy email I get, the baby is about 3 1/2 inches long (about the size of a lemon). It's fun getting these emails and being able to picture about how big the baby is right now. I think I've felt a few twinges of movements, but I'm not certain yet. It's still early though as I didn't feel anything until about 19 weeks with Mara Kate. But, I've heard with your subsequential pregnancies you can sometimes feel fetal movement sooner.

Anyway, here's our little lemon---

The baby was rolling around a lot during the u/s so the pictures show it in two different positions. I like this one as it shows a really good profile view and if you look closely (or click to enlarge the photo) you will see a teensy-tiny hand up at the mouth. I think the little white dots are the knuckles and that it might be sucking it's thumb. So precious, don't you think?!


Andria said...

I love how close we are! I "turned" 15 weeks today. I think I have also felt movement. If you think you have, then I'm sure that's what it is. I love those pictures! How fun that the baby was active. I hope you DO decide to find out the gender!! We have our "gender-reveal" on Jan 25! xoxo

Janelle said...

SOOOO sweet! I love it!! I felt movement this time at 13 weeks, I bet you that's what you are feeling. :)

Dad said...

Yep, definitely not just a little bean anymore. Looking forward to meeting him (or maybe her?) in person. :)

Christy said...

Oh, Jana, this is too CUTE!!! I love seeing photos of Baby B and am thrilled both of you are still doing so well. Love you!

Katie said...

Awwww! I love the little lemon already!! Hope you get to feeling more normal soon...that queasiness stinks!