Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread House

Today we decorated our annual Gingerbread House. The fun thing about this year is it is the first year Mara Kate has helped! Normally this is a project Kane and I do together, but we decided to let her join in the fun this time around. We got one of the kits from Wal-Mart that included candy pieces as well as pre-made icing. I've decided this is the way to go, especially with a child helping!

We had a lot of fun, especially Mara Kate!

Waiting on the walls to dry

Picture courtesy of Mara Kate

Decorating the roof

More roof decor

This required much concentration on her part!

Back view

Finished product--there was a marshmallow snowman sitting there in the yard part too, but it is missing as you can see. While Kane and I were cleaning the kitchen Mara Kate ate the entire thing! :)

Our tree and the Gingerbread house

To see some of our other creations over the past years click here and here.


Heidi said...

very cute :) she knew she had to eat that marshmallow man before it was left alone with her Daddy, right? :) funny! That makes me want to do one!! We should since we're going to be here all season to snack on it. will you eat yours before you go, or take it with you?

Anonymous said...

Michael bought the same house and did it with the kids last week. We have ours on the dining room table to TRY to keep Megan out of it but Alley and Liam have eaten most of the icing around the base during school every day!!! Too tempting, I guess!