Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookies, Cookies & More Cookies!

We had a wonderful time on Saturday decorating lots of Christmas cookies with Kane's siblings. They grew up with this tradition and even though all three siblings live in different cities we've tried to keep the tradition alive as much as possible.

This year everyone gathered at our house for the day and we decorated lots of cookies together! Mara Kate loves this tradition as well and has learned from her Daddy that the icing is the best part, so they both pile it on each cookie!

It was fun to have people at our house during the holiday season---a treat when all family lives out of town.

Naked cookies!

Everyone in action

Some of the cookies---post icing.

Mara Kate and Daddy.
Sadly, Kane missed out on a lot of the decorating due to having to attend the Saturday graduation ceremony at Shorter, but we saved him a few and Mara Kate was happy to help him decorate when he got home.