Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alumnus---It's Official!

Friday night we drove to Atlanta for Kane's Georgia Tech graduation. He defended his Ph.D back in July and has since started a new job using said degree, but he officially walked on Friday.

His Mom drove in on Friday morning and went with us to the ceremony which was so nice. We ate an early supper in Atlanta then headed to Tech. We dropped Kane off early while we went to find parking. Mara Kate ended up falling asleep just a few minutes before we got to Tech so we sat in the car for about an hour before going in to let her get some rest. Once inside we found seats and waited for the ceremony to begin.

Of course, Buzz was present and although Mara Kate didn't want her picture made with him, she did want to know where he was at all times.


The graduate giving a BIG smile in the processional

The Ph.D graduates are the ones up front in gold. The rest are Masters graduates.

Kane about to head across the stage. I wish could have zoomed in better.

Being hooded by his Advisor, Dr. Bottomley.

It's over---Yay!

The completely chaotic and crowded hallway after the ceremony. My cell phone had NO reception in this building and it's a miracle that I was able to find Kane in this mess.

Dr. Barker with Dr. Bottomley

Proud Wife!!!

Sorry there are not any pictures with Mara Kate or Kane's mom. Mara Kate had a bit of a melt down during the ceremony (due to a sore throat and a fever that crept up while we were there). We ended up leaving the ceremony immediately after Kane walked and went to Walgreens to get some Tylenol for the fever. We got the medicine in her in the parking lot and headed back to Tech. We were thankfully able to find another parking spot when we got back and Kane's mom graciously stayed in the car and let Mara Kate rest since she really wasn't feeling well while I went in for the remainder of the ceremony and to find Kane afterward.

Other than the fact that Mara Kate felt so bad it was a good night and we even stopped and got milkshakes on the way home! A fun memory!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fitting wrap-up to a long five years!