Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday Fun

This weekend we took a little trip to Atlanta! It was a fast trip, but we had a great time seeing friends and also helping to celebrate Mara Kate's best friend, Ella Ann's 4th birthday.

We actually got to drive in the night before and spend the evening with my friend Christy. Sadly her husband was out of town and Kane missed him greatly, but Christy is a wonderful hostess and we always love the chance to hang out at their place. She cooked us a yummy supper and Christy and I got in some good girl chat time, which was so much fun. Thanks again Christy!

Mara Kate and Ella Ann were born 11 days a part and have been friends since day 1! They really love each other and get a long really well, so it was great that we were able to come and be with the Jensen's for Ella Ann's birthday celebration.

Katie really knows how to throw a party. This theme was a Beach Luau with a pool cake and fruit kabobs. Everyone had a great time!

This "mini" trampoline was Ella Ann's big gift and was a HUGE hit with all the kids! Mara Kate didn't want to get out and had a super fun time jumping, jumping, jumping!

So much fun!

The kids went on a treasure hunt for "buried treasure---a little shoe box hidden in the back yard filled with chocolate coins. Great idea Katie!

Sweet friends.
The Tutu Mara Kate is holding was her birthday present from Ella Ann. She loves it!

Little brother, Baby Rane. He pretty much watched the party happen from people's laps. Such a sweet little boy he is.

Katie & I

Of course after the party we fit in a quick trip to IKEA (and came home with some of their delicious cinnamon rolls) and also stopped on our way out of town to eat an early supper at one of our favorite places in Atlanta---Pappasitos!


Christy said...

LOVED having you to stay!! And so glad you had good trip!