Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Nurturer

While walking through the living room the other day, I noticed this...

...and this

All of these little animals were placed carefully on pillows and then wrapped and covered gently with blankets. Mara Kate loves playing with her baby dolls and animals almost more than than any other toy she has. Her animals and babies are truly her friends and she cares for them with much effort and love.

I just thought it was so sweet to see how she had put them down for their "naps" in such a way that showed her love for them. :) So sweet. She is a little nurturer and I love seeing that quality coming out even in her play.


Aunt Jane said...

I am so glad you are blessed to be home with Mara Kate to see these things. When I read your blog, it reminded me of when my girls were little and we stayed home and how many memories like this we had. She is a great mommy...she has had a great example!