Monday, November 16, 2009

Friends from the Beginning

As I mentioned in my previous post, Mara Kate and her friend Ella Ann have literally been friends from the beginning. Katie and I met while we were both pregnant and in our 3rd trimesters and that's where it began. After seeing the girls have so much fun playing this past weekend and realizing that if Ella Ann just turned 4, then Mara Kate will be very soon too. I can't really tell you where the time has gone, but I am so thankful for the friend Ella Ann has been to my Mara Kate. I'm also very thankful for my friendship with Katie---God knew we both needed one another!

Anyway, pondering all of that just made me think back to all the play dates we've had together. I hope there are many more photos like these taken in the years to come!


1 year olds

2 year olds

3 year olds

4 year olds


Katie said...

Awwwww Jana! You made me tear up! Those pictures of the girls each year are precious. It is so, so so hard to believe they are 4! Where has the time gone? I remember laying the girls down on that blanket at the park and the woman asking if they were twins! Might as well be, to this day, they are inseparable and I pray always will be! MK is so special to us and EA, as are you and Kane! thanks for the sweet post and I loved the party post too...good pics and I love the one of Rane! Glad you all could stay a while too, it was great to see you!