Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Together

This past weekend was one of the first we've spent just the three of us simply hanging out together at home since our move. It was really, really nice!

Kane worked most of the day on Saturday trying to finish the shed he'd been working on as time allowed over the past month. Last weekend when my sister and brother in law came to visit, Jeph helped Kane for several hours get the shed flooring level in our yard and also helped to assemble shed pieces. They made a lot of progress on the shed, but weren't able to finish, so this weekend Kane was determined to get-her-done!

He worked hard all morning while Mara Kate and I went to the grocery store together. When we got back Kane asked, "What's for lunch!" and I was glad I was already thinking about making a yummy dip for us to munch on that afternoon. I know working out in the heat like that can make you HUNGRY after several hours.

I called my sister to get a quick reminder of the ingredients for the dip recipe I had gotten from her a few months ago...

...and it was SO GOOD!

Here it is by layer by layer:

*1 block of cream cheese (microwave in bottom of dish for 1 minute then spread into bottom of pan for first layer (I used a glass pie plate)

*1 can of pinto beans (or black beans rinsed and drained)

*1 can of Rotel (you might want to drain these, as I didn't do this and it was a bit runny, but still very yummy)

*shredded cheddar cheese on top

Simply cook at 350 degrees until heated through. ENJOY!!!

After lunch, Kane got back to work for several more hours. He finally came inside around supper time and decided he'd finish attaching the doors Sunday afternoon.

After we got Mara Kate bathed, fed and in bed I ran over to Little Ceasar's for one of their Hot & Ready $5 pizzas. We ate our pizza while we watched a movie together. It was a great way to relax together and also was a pretty cheap date!

Sunday afternoon Kane got back out there and finished the shed, then went to Lowe's to buy a padlock and loaded all of our odds and ends inside.

The finished product.

It may not look like much, but it was a do-it-yourself kit and he pretty much did it all on his own. I'm proud of how it turned out and it will be great to have a place to lock up our lawn mower and other "outdoor" items.


alley said...

Fun! =] Sounds like you had some good family time! The shed looks great. Love you guys!
Gator :)

Katie said...

That was a lot of work! Good job Kane! :)

Heidi said...

Shed looks great!!! Sorry Jeph wasn't there to help finish it up! :) The dip looks yummy too!...but more than all of it, that girl looks SO cute in her high tops!!! Give her a big hug from Aunt Heidi (aka her future mother in law since she's set on marrying my boy...HA...JUST kiddin!)