Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainy Day Recreation

Today it has been drizzly and deary all day. We've had a low-key day, which has been just fine my me. As I told Mara Kate when she asked where we were going today, "Sometimes it's good to just stay at home.". :)

So, at home is where we've been, but earlier this morning I did send Mara Kate out to play in the rain with her rain boots, her umbrella and her rain jacket on. She had a blast! She enjoyed splashing in the puddles in our yard, but she also loved standing near the side of the house where the rain was dripping off the roof and letting it pelt the top of her umbrella really hard. She loved hearing the pitter-patter sound it made above her head.

Here are a few pictures...

..and a video

"I don't want to go in the deep water."

Notice, I was videoing from inside, standing at my back door, trying to stay as dry as possible. :)


Susanna Rose said...

It was rainy here in NY as well...we got out for a bit and Micah was in his cute rain gear's so cute to see them play in the rain! Micah'll be jealous of Mara Kate's umbrella...he keeps asking me for his own umbrella!;)

Janelle said...

SOOOO cute jana!!!

Aunt Jane said...

That is a great post. Great idea to let her get dressed and go play in the rain. I am glad you didn't make her go in the deep water! Love the rain outfit!