Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Outing

Kane's aunt Carol was in Atlanta on business this weekend and called us to join her and a friend for a quick visit at the Varsity. Kane was working hard on finishing up his thesis, so he wasn't able to join us (he worked until almost 4am last night) but Mara Kate and I headed over for a little visit and a yummy treat. Mara Kate opted for a chocolate milkshake and I got the Frosted Orange. Yumm. Thanks for calling us Carol. It might very well be the last time we'll go to the Varsity before our move to Rome.

Carol and Mara Kate at the Varsity

I just recently finished reading two books by Elizabeth Musser, The Swan house and The Dwelling Place. Both take place in Atlanta, which was so fun as I knew a lot of the places they talked about. The characters in the books often went to the Varsity for frosted orange drinks!

If you live in Atlanta and haven't read these, you should! Thanks Katie for recommending them to me.


Aunt Jane said...

Miss you all so much!!! Congrats to Kane on a job well done and completion of his dr. degree!!! So proud of him and excited for you all!!!

Katie said...

No problemo! I loved them as well!