Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally Finished (Writing)!!!

Over the past two months Kane has been working extremely long hours writing his thesis. It is quite a task to get 5 years of research into written form. He said writing this document has made him work harder than he ever has in his life.

Mara Kate and I took a week long trip to the beach with his family, without him because he was writing. Then, a week and a half later we took a 10 day trip to Missouri to visit my family so he could write, write and write some more. Being home alone all day and all evening was no fun for us, so we tried to stay as busy as we could.

Kane has been working until midnight or 1 am almost every night this past week and last night he was up until 4am. A printed copy of his thesis is due to his committee today, so he had to get it finished before this morning.

Thankfully, he was able to pull it all together and get the 5 copies he needed printed in time. He climbed in bed at almost 4am and slept for awhile, but it now up and getting ready to go to work (at 9am). He'll deliver his thesis, work the rest of the day and then we'll go out to dinner tonight to celebrate the fact that his writing is over. Yay!

He still has work to do between now and his defense (which is scheduled for July 23), but it won't require such long hours into the wee hours of the morning.

I'm so ready to have our evenings back together and actually be able to eat supper together too. I might actually cook a little if there is someone here to eat my cooking. ha!

Only two more weeks until our move. I've packed everything that I CAN at this point, but feel like there is a lot I'll need to pack the day or so before our actual move. Fun times for sure. I'm just ready to be in our new house so we can get unpacked and settled. We are all fairly tired of living surrounded by boxes. And Mara Kate randomly asking for toys she hardly ever plays with anymore and having to tell her, "Sorry it's packed!". Ugh.

Anyway, we can really see the light at the end of the tunnel now and I'm so extremely proud of Kane for all his hard work and for getting his thesis finished. We both felt like this time would never get here! The process of writing a dissertation has been compared to birthing a child and I think that's a pretty good comparison (although I can't imagine 5 years gestation). ha!

Congrats Babe! What an accomplishment. Now, just to defend all you've written about!

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Dad said...

I am so extremely proud of Kane! What he has been through to accomplish this got me to thinking. I can't think of anyone in my extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) who has ever gotten a Doctor's degree. Yes, I know he still has to defend, but he is almost finished,so this is indeed a first for our family. Oops, I think a couple of my buttons popped off while I was writing this. :-)

Katie said...

Yeay Kane! That is quite an accomplishment and the Jensen family is very proud of you! Way to go! Now you just need to breathe! Oh yeah, and sleep!


Papadog said...

Kane, U.R. Awesome. I'm so amazed and encouraged by the way you have persevered. I know many blessings await you. Just think, next month you will be equipping & inspiring college kids at Shorter !
Can't wait to be with you next week.
LOVE, dad